Our next guardians' day is on 14th April 2024 and in the evening a cultural program will be presented by the staffs of AnandalokAdmission for residents for our hostel, for both Male & Female going on, on first cum first serve basis. Get Admission form from this website and apply expeditiouslyAnandalok runs a day care centre at it's premises. The timing of the school is from to Presently, admission is going on. Any interested person can download the application form from this website and also contact us on 94337398900 (Lunch and evening tea and snacks are included in the Monthly fee/charges.)

We need special educator and Occupational therapist for immediate appointment. Send your cv to our email wcmh90@gmail.com

Welcome to Anandalok

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33rd Foundation Day Celebration on 7th January 2024

Anandalok - Diary of 2023-24

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Inspiration and History

The  story of ANADALOK begins with two mentally challenged young boys, one Kashinath, and one Jayanta,   The guardians of both were extremely concerned as to the future care and well being of these boys. The thought that really alarmed them was the future of these boys after them. Who takes care of these boys A major problem affecting many homes

Back in1989, this common problem and a divine intervention created an association between Mr. Ashok Sengupta, his close friend Bijoy Choudhury and Mrs. Mala Banerjee, a consumer activist and a social worker.  Kashinath was the younger brother of Ashok Sengupta and Jayanta was a cousin brother of Mala Banerjee, and Bijoy Choudhury, although not directly affected, a true sympathizer of the problem and with social work mentality.  This led to the formation of a team of like-minded persons who were sympathetic to the cause, directly affected and determined to get to a solution, which led to the formation of  the parent society “Welfare Centre for the Mentally Handicapped”.  The Society was formed with a dream to help the Kashinath’s and the Jayanta’s of the society. The primary objective of the society was starting a proper residential care facility to help middle-class families with wards who suffer from mild to severe learning disabilities

The objective got fulfilled and the dream became a reality when a residential facility for the mentally challenged, away from their home, started operation on 7th January 1990 with Kashinath & Jayanta along with 5 more boys and men and with 4 full time Caregivers.  Thus “ANANDALOK” was born.  It started its operation from a rented accommodation in Bhadreshwar, Hoogly, West Bengal. 

By the grace of the Almighty in 1991,  our Society received a gift of a plot of land measuring 2.39 acres with an old single story residential house. It was situated in Badu, Barasat, North 24 Pargannas, West Bengal, some 10 KM from Dum Dum Airport.  The property belonged to an organization Mahajeevan Sadhan Sangh, of 72, Masjid Bari Street, Kolkata – 700 006, under the control of one Saheb Bose commonly known as Sahed Da.  Dr. P.K. Ghosh a friend of Mala Banerjee and a close friend of Saheb Bose helped negotiate the gift deal.  Very quickly this plot of land and the old residential structure was renovated and made habitable.

On completion of renovation “ANANDALOK” moved from the rented accommodation in Bhadreshwar to its present location, our very own property in Badu on 14th February 1992,  with the same 7 residents and 4 Caretakers. Over the years a men’s wing, a boundary wall, and a vocational training centre were added.   Soon urgent appeals started coming from middle and lower-middle class families who were unable to cope up with their ward at home and needed facilities where they could get good care and attention for their wards. With contributions from organizations and Individuals the Men’s Ward was expanded.  There was also a compelling requirement to start a female section. The German Government came forward and helped us with funds for the construction of the female wing

At present ANANDALOK is a safe haven for 25 men and 5 women, in the midst of lush green environment, with 16 full-time in-house residential staff members, besides 11 visiting faculty members / staff. The accommodation provided is comfortable although mediocre. The quality of accommodation may not be of high class standard, but it is more than compensated for by True Love, Quality of Care, Nutritious Food and Very Healthy Environment.

Obviously this long journey would not have been successful without financial help from various organizations and persons.  We graciously acknowledge all such contributions and donations under “Acknowledgement” section.