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Anandalok - Diary of 2023-24

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Necessity of Community Residential Care Center

A family having a “Mentally Challenged” person, be it a son or a daughter or a brother or a sister, is faced with many kinds of challenges.  Firstly the presence of such a person in a family itself is depressing, and embarrassing socially.  It completely disrupts family peace, harmony and affects social life.  Secondly, lack of proper knowledge or training on ways and means of handling a Mentally Challenged  person, causes frustration and irritation to the members of the family looking after the affected family member.  Thirdly, the knowledge that these cases are non curable and thinking of the day-to-day problem lasting over a long time can cause a huge mental burden to the family members.  These factors could sub- consciously, although unwillingly, lead to bad behaviour from some family members which is detrimental to the affected child.  It is known that over a period of time even love and affection of the family members starts diminishing.   

However, if the affected person could be made to live somewhere outside one’s own home, in a community type environment, where trained people could provide love and care, the entire situation could change for the better.  Firstly the family is relieved of the day-to-day problem, they could lead a normal life and at the same time visit their ward from time to time, then the love and affection towards their ward does not get affected rather it brings them even closer.  Secondly,  the hapless victims could lead a life without being ill treated

Neither the Family member’s nor the affected victim are responsible for this unfortunate situation.  No one can be blamed or held responsible for this situation.  It is not practical to force a family to take the burden and responsibility of these victims, nor can these victims be let loose in the society.  It is actually an overall societal responsibility.  Actually this type of centres are of absolute necessity in a society for mental peace of both the parents and their wards with “Mental Disability”

Hence, the requirement of such a centre where the affected child, men or women could live in a residential environment under proper trained care & love.

A community type residential care centre not only brings relief to the family members but also relief to the affected person.  In the community environment  having a number of “Mentally Challenged” persons,  a mild or moderately affected child actually takes care of a severely or profoundly affected child.  They learn to help each other, they learn to live together, they learn to eat together, they learn to do things together –  all under supervised but loving care. 

The objective of a community type residential supervised care centre is not to separate or dismember a family by segregating the affected and the family.   On the contrary it is meant to increase the love and affection between them by providing mental peace and removing the burden of the family members and a better life for the affected person, where they will be having world of their own and would not be considered and treated as an alien.  

That is the reason it is so important for the family members to visit their wards at least once in a month.   Whatever the retardation level, they understand that their close relation would be coming.  They look forward to meeting them and the family members also look forward to meeting their ward.  In this environment the family members do not feel embarrassed, since they are surrounded with similar type of guardians.   These meetings help both the family members and also the affected member.   These regular meetings are good for both.