Our next guardians' day is on 14th April 2024 and in the evening a cultural program will be presented by the staffs of AnandalokAdmission for residents for our hostel, for both Male & Female going on, on first cum first serve basis. Get Admission form from this website and apply expeditiouslyAnandalok runs a day care centre at it's premises. The timing of the school is from to Presently, admission is going on. Any interested person can download the application form from this website and also contact us on 94337398900 (Lunch and evening tea and snacks are included in the Monthly fee/charges.)

We need special educator and Occupational therapist for immediate appointment. Send your cv to our email wcmh90@gmail.com

Welcome to Anandalok

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33rd Foundation Day Celebration on 7th January 2024

Anandalok - Diary of 2023-24

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Anandalok Family

For those who live in Anandalok, it is no longer a mere residence, it is an enlarged family.  The care givers, under the guidance and leadership of the House Mother, along with the boarders are all a big happy family of nearly 50 members.  From morning till sleeping time in the night all of them are doing everything together.  Here everyone is caring for the other. everyone is lending a helping hand to the other.  In this family the most irrelevant matter is probably the IQ.  In any society generally persons with a little low or even moderate IQ are looked down upon, are ridiculed.  In ANANDALOK no one is bothered about IQ. 

Once a month Guardians Day programme is held.  Guardians of every boarder comes to meet their Ward.  On this day not only the boarders family comes together but the atmosphere is like a huge family get together.  To watch the shear joy on the faces of the guardians and also the boarders as well as the full time care givers is pure heavenly 

Winter brings additional joy to one and all in ANANDALOK.   The whole family goes out for a picnic to a suitable place, where the boarders, play, dance, sing, helps in cooking and have enormous enjoyment.   Then the preparation for the 3 hour long Cultural Programme for Foundation day celebration takes place for 2 to 3 months.   The foundation day is celebrated on the First Sunday of January every year.   The cultural programme held on this day is divinely performed by the boarders –  they actually become celebrities

Over the years some boarders, after staying in ANANDALOK for a few years and  on sufficiently improving had gone back home and can live on own steam. They are well now. They come visiting sometimes. The joy is unbounded on them and on friends he left behind. 

Running a normal home of 4/5/6 members will have its problems and would be facing many hurdles – day to day as well as long term.  Same at ANANDALOK,  the problems, hurdles are there, but irrespective of whatever hurdle the peaceful atmosphere of ANANDALOK is never disturbed.  The smile on everyone’s face is always intact.

When a world is so different than one’s own, one can only wonder of the travails it must brave. For Anandalok, the most spectacular success is the happiness that the staff and the administration tirelessly try to bring to those they look after.