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We need special educator and Occupational therapist for immediate appointment. Send your cv to our email wcmh90@gmail.com

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Mentally Challenged and Mentally ill

Someone who is mentally CHALANGED is not able to learn or develop daily living skills (adaptive functioning)  at the same rate as most other people because they have a problem with their brain. It is now considered more polite to say that someone is “LEARNING DISABLED” or that they have special needs or “LEARNING DIFFICULTIES”. 

It is defined as an intellectual functioning level (as measured by standard tests for  IQ or intelligence quotient) well below average.  It can happen since birth or begins in childhood or adolescence before the age of 18 and occurs in around 2.5 to 3 percent of the general population

Adaptive skills are the skills needed for daily life. Such skills include the ability to produce and understand language (communication); home-living skills; use of community resources; health, safety, leisure, self-care, and social skills; self-direction; functional academic skills (reading, writing, and arithmetic); and work skills.

Categories of mental retardation

☀ Mild Mental Retardation

Approximately 85 percent of the mentally retarded population are in the mildly retarded category. Their IQ score ranges from 50 to 75 and they can often acquire academic skills up to may be class 5 or 6. They can become fairly self-sufficient in some cases but within a community and social support.

☀ Moderate Mental Retardation   

About 10 percent of the mentally retarded population are considered moderately retarded. Moderately retarded individuals have IQ scores ranging from 35 to 55. In some cases they can acquire communication skills. Some are able to live and function within the community in a supervised environment such as a group environment.

☀ Severe Mental Retardation

About 3 to 4 percent of the mentally retarded population are severely retarded. Severely retarded individuals have IQ scores of 20 to 40. They may master very basic self-care skills and some communication skills. Some may display partial neurological disorder.  Many severely retarded individuals are able to live and adjust in a group environment.

☀ Profound Mental Retardation

Only 1 to 2 percent of the mentally retarded population are classified as profoundly retarded. Profoundly retarded individuals have IQ scores under 20 to 25. Their retardation is often caused by an accompanying neurological disorder. The profoundly retarded need a high level of structure and supervision and institutional care In a group environment, where a mild or moderate retarded can be of immense help to them

Difference between Mental Illness and Mental Retardation?

Mental illness (including schizophrenia), can be defined as a psychological condition that affects the thoughts, behaviour, and emotions of an individual.  These patients need closely monitored medical supervision and care.

Mental retardation is a condition where the individual has a lower IQ and has difficulty in coping with the realities of day to day life. Medical treatment not required unless co-morbidity is present.   It is well established that those afflicted with adaptive dis-functionality of whatever category can function much better in a group.

Which category ANANDLOK  caters to

“ANANDALOK”  is a residential care centre that caters to only  “Mentally Challenged” or “Mentally Retarded” persons, as described above  and not for “Mentally ill” persons requiring continuous medical treatment under expert supervision.